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BorgheseFango Essenziali 5 – Minute Mask Set Sampler – Face Mask For Women – 6 ct

BorgheseFango Essenziali 5 – Minute Mask Set Sampler – Face Mask For Women – 6 ct

BorgheseFango Essenziali 5 – Minute Mask Set Sampler – Face Mask For Women – 6 ct

Are you looking for the perfect face mask set to give your skin the ultimate pampering experience? Look no further than the BorgheseFango Essenziali 5 – Minute Mask Set Sampler. This set is specially designed for women and includes 6 different masks to target various skin concerns.

Why Choose BorgheseFango Essenziali 5 – Minute Mask Set Sampler?

1. Variety: With 6 different masks in one set, you can try out various formulas and find the perfect match for your skin type and concerns. Whether you need hydration, brightening, or detoxification, this set has it all.

2. Convenience: Each mask in this set is designed to be used for just 5 minutes, making it perfect for busy women on the go. You can easily incorporate these masks into your skincare routine without taking up too much time.

3. High-Quality Ingredients: BorgheseFango Essenziali masks are formulated with high-quality ingredients that are gentle yet effective on the skin. From natural extracts to nourishing oils, these masks provide the nutrients your skin needs to look its best.

What’s Included in the Set?

The BorgheseFango Essenziali 5 – Minute Mask Set Sampler includes the following masks:

  1. Hydrating Mask: This mask is infused with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid to replenish moisture and leave your skin feeling soft and supple.
  2. Brightening Mask: Say goodbye to dull skin with this brightening mask. It contains vitamin C and botanical extracts to give your complexion a radiant glow.
  3. Purifying Mask: If you’re dealing with clogged pores and breakouts, this purifying mask is your go-to. It helps to detoxify the skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes.
  4. Firming Mask: Give your skin a lift with this firming mask. It contains collagen and elastin to improve skin elasticity and reduce the signs of aging.
  5. Soothing Mask: For those with sensitive skin, this soothing mask is a must-try. It calms and comforts the skin, reducing redness and irritation.
  6. Exfoliating Mask: Remove dead skin cells and reveal a smoother complexion with this exfoliating mask. It contains gentle exfoliants to slough away dullness and promote cell turnover.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I use these masks?

It is recommended to use these masks 2-3 times a week for best results. However, you can adjust the frequency based on your skin’s needs.

2. Can I use these masks on sensitive skin?

Yes, these masks are suitable for sensitive skin. However, it is always recommended to do a patch test before applying any new product to your face.

3. How long does each mask need to stay on?

Each mask should be left on for 5 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

4. Can I use these masks in combination with other skincare products?

Absolutely! These masks can be incorporated into your existing skincare routine. Just make sure to cleanse your face before applying the mask and follow up with your usual moisturizer.


The BorgheseFango Essenziali 5 – Minute Mask Set Sampler is the perfect choice for women who want to give their skin a treat. With 6 different masks to choose from, you can address various skin concerns and achieve a healthier, more radiant complexion. Try out this set and discover the power of a good face mask!