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C by GE LED Smart Bulbs

C by GE LED Smart Bulbs

Upgrade Your Home with C by GE LED Smart Bulbs

C by GE LED smart bulbs make it easy to bring smart lighting into your home. With seamless integration with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Home, you can control your lights with just your voice. The convenience and comfort they provide will enhance your daily life.

Key Features

Voice Control

Sync your C by GE LED smart bulbs with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, or Google Home to turn them on or off, dim them, and control them individually or in groups with a simple voice command.

Smart Bridge

The C-Reach smart bridge allows you to pair a voice assistant to your smart light bulb system for enhanced functionality like scheduling and out-of-home control.


These smart bulbs work with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit, allowing you to unlock the convenience of voice control simply by pairing them with the C-Reach smart bridge.


The C by GE bridge allows you to extend the reach of your smart home by connecting through Google Home, Alexa, or Apple HomeKit to other devices in addition to your smart LED light bulbs.

Compact Design

The wireless smart bridge comes in a slim design, taking up minimal space for easy integration with any aesthetic, upgrading your LED light bulbs without unsightly wires or bulky equipment.


Can I control the smart bulbs when I’m not at home?

Yes, with the C-Reach smart bridge, you can control your smart bulbs from anywhere using your voice assistant app.

Do I need any additional equipment to use these smart bulbs?

No, the C-Reach smart bridge is all you need to unlock the full functionality of these smart bulbs.


Upgrade your home with the C by GE LED smart bulbs and experience the convenience and comfort of smart lighting. With easy voice control and seamless integration with your favorite voice assistants, these smart bulbs will enhance your smart home experience.