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Magnetic Calendar Set White

Magnetic Calendar Set White

Get Organized with Our Magnetic Calendar Set

Are you tired of forgetting important dates and appointments? Do you struggle to keep track of your schedule? Our magnetic calendar set is the perfect solution for you! Whether you need to stay organized at home or in the office, this calendar set will help you stay on top of your tasks and events.

Key Features

1. Magnetic Whiteboard

The calendar set includes a magnetic whiteboard that can be easily attached to any metal surface. This makes it convenient to display your calendar on the fridge or a filing cabinet.

2. Dry-Erase Markers

We provide you with a set of colorful dry-erase markers, so you can easily write and erase your schedule as needed. No more wasting paper on disposable calendars!

3. Monthly and Weekly Views

Our calendar set includes both monthly and weekly views, allowing you to plan ahead for the entire month or focus on the details of each week.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean the whiteboard?

You can simply wipe the whiteboard with a damp cloth to remove any dry-erase marker residue.

Can I use this calendar set on a non-metal surface?

Yes, you can use the included adhesive backing to attach the whiteboard to a non-metal surface.


Don’t let disorganization get the best of you. With our magnetic calendar set, you can take control of your schedule and never miss an important date again. Get your hands on this convenient and practical calendar set today!