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Organic Farm Buddies Blankie – Skippy Frog

Organic Farm Buddies Blankie – Skippy Frog

Introducing Skippy Frog: The Perfect Organic Blankie for Your Little One

Are you looking for a soft, cuddly, and eco-friendly blankie for your baby or toddler? Look no further than the Organic Farm Buddies Blankie – Skippy Frog. Made with 100% organic materials, this adorable blankie is not only gentle on your little one’s skin but also on the environment.

Why Choose Skippy Frog Blankie?

1. Organic and Safe

The Skippy Frog Blankie is made with certified organic cotton and natural corn fiber. It is free from harmful chemicals and dyes, making it safe for your child to snuggle and play with.

2. Adorable Design

With its cute frog design and vibrant colors, Skippy Frog Blankie is sure to capture your little one’s heart. The soft texture and knotted corners provide sensory stimulation and comfort.

3. Easy to Clean

This blankie is machine washable, making it easy to keep clean and hygienic for your baby’s use. It is also durable and can withstand regular washing without losing its softness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Skippy Frog Blankie suitable for newborns?

Yes, the Skippy Frog Blankie is suitable for newborns and infants. Its organic materials make it gentle and safe for delicate skin.

Can the blankie be personalized with a name?

While the blankie itself cannot be personalized, it can be paired with a personalized embroidered blanket for a unique and thoughtful gift.


The Organic Farm Buddies Blankie – Skippy Frog is the perfect choice for parents who want a safe, eco-friendly, and adorable blankie for their little ones. With its organic materials, cute design, and easy maintenance, Skippy Frog Blankie is a must-have for every baby and toddler.