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SunStream1000w Ballast with Fan for Hydroponics System

SunStream1000w Ballast with Fan for Hydroponics System

Upgrade Your Hydroponics System with SunStream1000w Ballast

Are you looking to take your hydroponics system to the next level? Look no further than the SunStream1000w Ballast with Fan for Single/Double. This new model is designed to provide optimal support for both HPS and MH lights, ensuring that your plants receive the perfect amount of light for healthy growth and maximum yield.

Key Features

Enhanced Cooling

The SunStream1000w Ballast comes equipped with a built-in fan to ensure that your lights stay cool, even during extended use. This helps to prolong the life of your bulbs and maintain consistent light output for your plants.

Improved Efficiency

With advanced technology, this ballast is designed to provide stable power output, resulting in more efficient energy usage and reduced heat generation. This means you can save on energy costs while still achieving impressive results.

Easy Installation

Designed for single or double-ended bulbs, the SunStream1000w Ballast is easy to install and compatible with most hydroponics systems. Simply plug and play for a hassle-free upgrade.


Q: Can this ballast be used with both HPS and MH lights?

A: Yes, the SunStream1000w Ballast is compatible with both HPS and MH lights, providing versatile support for different stages of plant growth.

Q: Is the fan loud?

A: The built-in fan operates quietly to ensure minimal disruption to your growing environment.


Upgrade your hydroponics system with the SunStream1000w Ballast with Fan for Single/Double and experience the difference in plant growth and yield. With enhanced cooling, improved efficiency, and easy installation, this ballast is a must-have for any serious grower.