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YamahaMG10X CV 10-channel Stereo Mixer

YamahaMG10X CV 10-channel Stereo Mixer

The YamahaMG10X CV 10-channel Stereo Mixer

Are you looking for a high-quality, versatile mixer for your live performances or studio recordings? Look no further than the YamahaMG10X CV 10-channel stereo mixer. With its advanced features and exceptional sound quality, this mixer is a must-have for any musician or audio engineer.

Key Features

1. High-Quality Sound

The YamahaMG10X CV delivers pristine sound quality, thanks to its high-quality preamps and built-in SPX digital effects. Whether you’re mixing vocals, guitars, or drums, you can trust that the MG10X CV will capture every nuance of your performance.

2. Versatile Connectivity

With 10 channels and a variety of input options, including XLR and TRS, the MG10X CV offers unparalleled connectivity. Whether you’re connecting microphones, instruments, or external audio sources, this mixer has you covered.

3. Intuitive Control

The MG10X CV features an intuitive interface, making it easy to dial in the perfect mix. With its one-knob compressors and EQ controls, you can quickly shape your sound without getting lost in a sea of knobs and faders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the YamahaMG10X CV suitable for live performances?

A: Absolutely! The MG10X CV is designed for both live and studio use, with its rugged construction and versatile features making it the perfect choice for any performance.

Q: Can I connect external effects to the MG10X CV?

A: Yes, the MG10X CV features AUX sends and returns, allowing you to easily integrate external effects processors into your mix.


In conclusion, the YamahaMG10X CV 10-channel stereo mixer is a powerful and versatile tool for any musician or audio professional. With its exceptional sound quality, versatile connectivity, and intuitive control, this mixer is sure to take your performances and recordings to the next level.