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Zinnia Dahlia Orange King – Giant Flower Seeds

Zinnia Dahlia Orange King – Giant Flower Seeds

Zinnia Dahlia Orange King – Giant Flower Seeds

Are you looking to add a pop of vibrant color to your garden? Look no further than Zinnia Dahlia Orange King seeds. These giant flowers will make a stunning addition to any outdoor space, and with 260 seeds in each pack, you’ll have plenty to go around.

Product Features

Giant Flowers

The Zinnia Dahlia Orange King produces large, showy flowers that will be the focal point of your garden. These flowers can reach up to 4 inches in diameter, making them a real standout.

Easy to Grow

Even if you’re new to gardening, you’ll find success with these Zinnia elegans seeds. They are low-maintenance and will thrive in a variety of soil types and conditions.

Long-Lasting Blooms

Once these flowers start blooming, they won’t stop. You’ll enjoy a long season of vibrant, orange blooms that will brighten up your garden.


How should I plant Zinnia Dahlia Orange King seeds?

Plant the seeds in well-draining soil and water regularly. They will need full sun to thrive, so be sure to choose a sunny spot in your garden.

When can I expect to see blooms?

With proper care, you can expect to see blooms within 8-10 weeks of planting the seeds.


With their stunning size and vibrant color, Zinnia Dahlia Orange King seeds are a must-have for any gardener looking to add a pop of excitement to their outdoor space. Order your seeds today and get ready to enjoy a season of beautiful, giant flowers.